Cubs Corner: Finding the spark within

Finding the spark within

Gokul is a 10th grade student living in Dubai. Gokul has experimented and explored different kinds of photography and he is fond of shooting people in their natural surroundings. He also likes photographing the macro world of nature. According to him “Photography is like meditation, it helps me concentrate and focus my complete attention on a subject which I am targeting to photograph. This is helpful in my studies too as it helps to train my mind to focus on the job at hand. In addition to that the weekend photography trips free my mind from all tensions and provide me the opportunity to observe, experience life and culture of other people.” Gokul believes, discovering his passion in photography and following his passion, is the best thing that happened to him in his life.

“What started as a hobby soon became a passion and an integral part of my life. I have been thoroughly enjoying photography for the past three years” said Gokul Manu, a 10th grade student at the Millennium School in Dubai. He says it all started when his dad gifted him a DSLR camera. His dad is pursuing photography with a passion and Gokul started accompanying him for his Friday morning outings along with a group of photo enthusiasts. It was these Friday morning trips that made him feel close to nature and instilled in him the desire to capture the frames of what caught his attention during his interactions with nature. Thus he started taking his baby steps in the field of photography during those Friday morning trips. Another milestone in his photographic sojourn was reached when he had an opportunity to have Mr. Arfan Asif, one of Dubai’s well-known photographers as his mentor in the year 2013. Since then he is a part of Dubai’s “Shutter Bugs Creative Forum” a photography group mentored by Arfan Asif.

Gokul has been participating in International Photographic salons and has won awards and acceptances to his credit. This includes a Silver medal in the Luxembourg International Salon -2015 for the image “ Robber Flies“ and a PSA Honorary Mention in Jodhpur International print salon for the image “Dubai”. His images were exhibited in Photo World, Dubai -2014 and Art Fair, Dubai-2015.

“I was so delighted when I received the award as a winner in the Mansour bin Mohammed Photography Award -2014 in the under 18 category for my image of the Sharjah Fishing Harbour” said Gokul. It was a proud moment for him and his parents to receive the prestigious award at a special function held at World Trade center, Dubai in 2014.

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