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Article by Hank Tyler

There are many ways for individuals, families, groups, villages and communities to take action and live life more sustainably, more in harmony with Mother Nature. Beginning with small actions leads to bigger accomplishments. Adopting new ways of living involves changes. 

PT Explorers is providing some examples of positive actions one can take to live more harmoniously on planet earth. We share earth’s resources with over seven billion people. These suggestions promote living a greener lifestyle that benefits everyone and especially our planet.

Recycling  Always think about reusing your possessions and passing them on to others. Clothing and household items may be used by others. Often water used for washing can be used for watering gardens. Before throwing your used cloths away, think of donating them to a community recycling center. Recycling extends the use of items thereby limiting the consumption of new resources.

Composting Vegetable scraps contain valuable nutrients and soil building materials that can be used to improve garden soil, producing healthier plants. Composting is easy and beneficial to all. Let’s put vegetable waste to good use. Let new plants recycle nutrients from old plant waste.

Reuse Center If your community does not have a recycling center, consider starting a community reuse center for your village or neighborhood. Community recycling centers and reuse areas are positive features for helping your neighbors. Many cloth items have long lives and can be used and appreciated by others. Throwing cloths in landfills is a waste of materials and hurts Mother Earth. Please donate for others to use.

Garbage/Waste   If your community has poor collection and disposal facilities for household waste, there is a need to take action. Waste usually contains toxic poisons and often germs that are harmful to humans. Chemical containers used by farmers need to be properly disposed. Take action by working with your community leaders to improve your waste management. Often communities have to fight for improvements, but the benefits are less water pollution and a cleaner, safer neighborhood environment.

Plant A Vegetable Garden   One easy step to take is to plant a vegetable garden in whatever land you have available. Your vegetable scraps and coffee grounds or tea leaves can be composted for garden use. Going organic is the best for your health. If there is unused land in your community or neighborhood, explore planting a community garden. Benefits are healthy fresh vegetables, learning about growing plants and composting. A winning action for Mother Earth.

Practice Water Conservation  In many parts of the world fresh water is in short supply. Learning to live with less water is necessary for future living. Waste water from washing can be captured and used to water a home garden. Rain water can be captured from roof tops and stored for home use in gardens and for washing. High tech filtrations systems can be installed to purify water for drinking that will lead to more disease free living. Each small action in water conservation allows for more multiple use of water.

Work To Prevent Water Pollution  Action needs to be taken by all to prevent water pollution. Pure, uncontaminated water is needed for industry, agriculture, cooking and drinking. A healthy life style depends upon clean water. Each small action by individuals to prevent water pollution improves the community water supply. One needs to identify the source of pollution, and then find ways to stop the pollution. Preventing pollutions creates a safer and healthier environment for wildlife as well as humans.

Volunteer With Youth Organizations   Education is the key to a better informed population facing a more crowded earth and fewer natural resources. Volunteering at your neighborhood youth organizations and teaching about greener ways to live will help the next generation better understand the need to live with a lighter foot print on the planet. Passing on your knowledge to the next generation is essential for a better informed world.

Volunteer At Schools to Teach Green Living  Children are the world’s future. The better educated our children are, they will be better keepers of our planet. Volunteer to take children on a walk to explore nature. Or, bring some plants, flowers or tree leaves to class and talk about their importance in our world. Share you knowledge with your communities’ children.

Volunteer at Parks and Nature Reserves   One can volunteer and help staff at parks and nature reserves with the management of the land, animals and plants in these protected areas. Ask how you can help. There are many volunteer opportunities. Your camera, binoculars and computer can be put to good use. Your computer skills can be helpful.

Help Wildlife Consider feeding birds, or building insect houses. These projects can be done with youth organizations and school classes that will build interest and curiosity in understanding wildlife. This may inspire some students to study biology and environmental sciences…..future leaders to help our planet.

Protecting Habitat If you know of a small patch of forest or grassland in your community, you can become active in protecting this habitat. By working with landowners and community leaders you can take action to protect these small patches of habitat for plants and animals. An outdoor classroom for nature studies can be created. As the world becomes more crowded, these small patches of habitat are vital for the remaining plants and animals. Look around your village and spot habitats to protect for future generations.

Use Your Camera  Photographs of nature are wonderful tools to help teach students of all ages about nature. Insects, birds, mammals and natural habitats. Get involved with youth organizations. Give children an opportunity to take photos. If you have an older camera you are not using, consider loaning it to a youth or school group to use. Digital photography can spark children’s interest in nature.

Become Involved In Your Community One person can make positive changes in their community or neighborhood. If you see a need to improve your community, take action. Make suggestions and volunteer to get started on improvements.

Become A Community Leader  The role of one person as a leader can assist carrying out many positive actions for your community and neighbor. Think locally about what you can do to help your neighbors. By working together, you and your neighbors can improve your village.

Take Action Choose an action you are knowledgeable with and begin. Add more green living to your home. Promote sustainable lifestyles at your school. Talk with community leaders about making improvements in your city or village. Volunteer with existing nature organizations. If you see needs for improvements in your neighborhood, take action. If each concerned person on earth undertook one positive action, Mother Earth would be smiling with happiness.

Please take one new action this year.
Please send us a message at PT Explorers and tell us about the action you have taken – How did you make Mother Earth smile?




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